Not receiving emails

If you don't receive your validation link or any other email you are expecting, the first thing to do is to check your spam/trash folder. Even if you have received them fine in the past, any change in your email filters, whether on your end or your email provider's, can cause Announcements to suddenly get routed to the wrong folder.

For a little extra insurance, put the domain on your allowed list, because that is where the emails will come from.

If you still have problems, please send a Runboard PM to Lesigner Girl and provide the email address you are using for the Announcements newsletter.

Email links won't work

Most people shouldn't have any problems with links, but some links you receive may not work properly. This is the fault of the email provider you are using, and there is nothing any newsletter administrator or programmer can do about it, except tell you how to get around the problem.

Figure 1 shows one example of an incorrectly-displayed email link.

Bad link

Figure 1:  One example of a bad link

If you get something like that in your email, you can highlight the correct URL (address) by highlighting the area as shown in Figure 2, then copying and pasting that URL into your browser's address bar and clicking the "Go" button.

Bad link with highlighted URL

Figure 2:  Bad link with highlighted URL

If all else fails, try a different email provider that knows how to display links correctly.


Report a Bug

This is for reporting bugs in the Announcements system, not for reporting Runboard bugs. If you experience a new bug on Runboard's system, please report it in the Bugs and fixes forum at Runboard Support. This is to prevent multiple PMs flooding my inbox about the same bug. I will find your report there, and once it's verified, I will send out an announcement to all interested parties who have subscribed to this newsletter.

Before reporting a possible bug with this Announcements newsletter, please see the above Troubleshooting section to see if you can fix things on your end. If that doesn't fix the problem, then send a Runboard PM to Lesigner Girl. Include the email address you are using for this newsletter, as well as a full description of the problem.

Report Abuse

If you receive validation links when you weren't signing up for this newsletter, or if you receive verification emails to change your registration information, send a Runboard PM to Lesigner Girl and include the email address these emails are being sent to. I will check the logs, find out who's doing it, and hang the perpetrator by his toes. Or something like that.

If you receive an actual newsletter and never signed up for it, that means your email account has been hacked, because someone has to click on the validation link that gets sent to your email before you will receive any Announcements through this system. There is nothing I can do to prevent your email account from being hacked; it's your responsibility to have good passwords on all of your accounts. What I can and will do is give you the IP of the person who hacked your account, so hackers beware.

If you are only receiving validation requests and not the actual newsletters, have no fear. That is not an indication of being hacked.

General Feedback

To give general feedback about the Announcements newsletter, or if you have any questions that aren't answered here, you guessed it... send a Runboard PM to Lesigner Girl.

Change Preferences or Unsubscribe

You have the ability to change the email address where you receive this newsletter, change which Announcements you wish to receive, or unsubscribe completely. To do any of these things, submit your email address through the login page. You will be sent an email to confirm that you are the one trying to make the changes. After submitting your email address, check your email, then follow the directions inside.